Annex Fuel Mixing Ratio Chart

Annex Fuel Diesel Annex Fuel
12-15 Ltr 30ml 10-15 Ltr 30ml
35-40 Ltr 40ml 40-60 Ltr 60ml
60-70 Ltr 60ml 100-120 Ltr 125ml
80-120 Ltr 125ml 200-250+ Ltr 250ml

core benifits

Annex fuel will improve your gas mileage, lower fuel emissions, Increase Vehicle HP, reduce carbon buildup, We offer money back guarantee. Making your fuel 150% Pure

Save & Clean fuel

Increase Performance

Improve mileage

Long lasting engine


I am a Suzuki Gixxer user. Bought on 2016. At the beginning i was very happy with its performance and fuel economy. But now a days both performance and economy dropped. I was disappointed. Then one of my friend suggested me to use Anne Fuel. I was not convinced but I thought to give it a try. I bought 12 pcs of them from nearby shop and started using it. My motorbikes performance changed dramatically. With huge save in fuel. Now I can not ride my bike without annex fuel.
Ashiqur Rahman
sr. marketing officer

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